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South San Francisco, noun: The graveyard of ambition

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im annoyed that i dont make time for study, im annoyed that my grades are slipping and im annoyed that there is nobody else to blame but myself

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Some days you just want to throw on your most comfy shirt, your favorite jeans and a pair of slip-ons, and go to brunch. And by ‘some days,’ we mean, like, every damn day. This lookbook from 6397 news has us craving pancakes and lazy Sundays.


Hoop Dreams, Toronto 2014

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Possibly one of the coolest Vault collabs we’ve ever done: the Vans x Huichol Capsule. The Huichol tribe lives primarily in the mountainous Jalisco and Nayarit regions of Mexico, and are known for their immediately identifiable art, which blends yarnwork and intricately beaded objects. Vans partnered with Huichol artists to create a limited capsule of hand-beaded and embroidered Classic Slip-On LX and Sk8-Hi LX. Only 360 pairs were made, and they drop on September 20 at select boutique locations. Wear ‘em or hang ‘em on your wall—totally up to you.

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